SKYLIGHT IN is a research laboratory developing innovative products of LED and solar powered lighting systems, ready to hit the market by the cooperating companies.

We design and develop intelligent, robust and reliable engineered products suited to a wide range of applications.

Our objective is professional lighting and large consumers, where extremely efficient, economical lighting is a necessity.

SKYLIGHT IN is an innovative developer of solar powered LED solutions for stand-alone applications where highly efficient, cost effective lighting is required.

Always ready to work with architects, designers and engineers to adapt solar professional lighting solutions in many applications where solar technology and modern LED lighting can coexist.

We deliver custom designed solar LED lighting technology where:

  • Speed of installation is vital
  • Cost of installation, operation & maintenance are critical
  • Sustainability and the use of a renewable energy are a priority
  • Reliability is essential

We have made innovative proprietary patent products to meet our specific design requirements and to deliver the most reliable products on the market.

We work diligently to constantly bring our partners and ourselves to a higher standard daily.

We push forward daily in development and design.

Our products have gone through extensive testing and verifying that will last as stated. It is our belief that we can provide a broad spectrum of solutions to the industrial, commercial and residential markets, giving the user a feeling of being under natural lighting.

Our products are recyclable, repairable and contain no hazardous materials.

Our products are designed and assembled for an easy installation and simple maintenance.

We listen carefully to what the customers are asking for and respond with top quality products that exactly fit their needs.

Lighting affects our mood, impacts on our wellbeing, improves productivity and can keep us safe.

We believe that everyone should have the best lit environment achievable, whether that is at work, in public places or on the streets.