“SMART SOLAR interior lighting system”

Innovative LED interior lighting system operates FREE of charge on sunny days, while on cloudy days and at night it automatically switches on the main power grid.
It may seem a paradox that more energy is consumed in lighting during the day considering the requirements of major consumers such as industries, offices, schools, universities, public buildings, shops, garages, super markets etc.
Since these establishments consume some 20% -63% of total energy needs for lighting, it appears that a significant reduction in energy consumed for lighting, could result in a serious economic and environmental benefit.
The answer to the problem is our patented innovation, “SMART SOLAR lighting system”. A single cable, without electronic devices (inverters, converters), without batteries, etc, drives energy*** from stabilized power solar panels inside the premises without restriction in the size or height of the buildings, with no limits in the architectural design of the lighting that will be used, using LED luminaires with unlimited light output.
*Patent: «Solar Lamps» and Industrial Designs: « LED Solar Lamps »
**Patent: « Power Stabilization of Photovoltaic Panels »
*** The energy produced by the photovoltaic panels is consumed directly, since storage in batteries brings huge costs (initial acquisition cost and subsequent replacement)

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1.By stabilizing the power of the photovoltaic panels (without inverters-converters, electronic devices and especially without batteries)
2. With specially modified LED luminaires
3. With our innovation «HYBRID SWITCH BOX» for automatic switching to the grid on days and at night.

So far, in order to illuminate interiors, we use lamps connected to the power grid or open holes on the roof by placing massive structures such as skylights-solartubes allowing the sunlight in. These two methods have high costs for the monthly electricity bills, as well as large installation costs.

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Our system consists of:
Photovoltaic Panel – Cable – Solar Lamp.

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As long as the sun is shining, our system provides FREE LIGHT inside the buildings, even in the most inaccessible and obscure areas. The system performance is adjusted depending on the latitude and longitude of the area.
In Athens, our system provides FREE LIGHT for appr.3000 hours / year.
In Crete, our system provides FREE LIGHT for appr.3100 hours / year.
In Cyprus, our system provides FREE LIGHT for appr.3200 hours / year.The payback period is approximately 22 months.
*The features of the systems are adapted to the latitude, longitude and most importantly, to the sun path chart of each region of the country.

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Thanks to our innovation «HYBRID SWITCH BOX», the same systems operate on cloudy days and at night, through the power grid. Therefore, the opportunity given to a company is to substitute the old technology energy intensive luminaires, with our high-tech, energy saving LED luminaires and simultaneously benefit from the possibility of FREE lighting during the day!

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We achieve lighting conditions similar to those of the external environment thanks to the high colour rendering index (> 85%) of the LED light source, creating well-being and positive effect on people indoors or underground, really feeling that they are in “contact “with the external environment, thereby improving their mental disposition, and their working performance!
Our system is advantageous due to:
• Interior lighting with zero energy cost.
• New LED technology luminaires with high energy efficiency, replacing the old energy intensive.
• Reducing temperature in the premises thus requiring less energy to cooling.
• Easy installation.
• Zero maintenance costs.
• Zero carbon footprint.
• Zero energy consumption on sunny days.
• Resource-saving.
• Environmental protection.
• Increased productivity because of the quality of light.
• Quick payback period.
• Expandability depending on customer requirements.
• The Solar Lamps are repairable, with no disposal costs.