Our company, a pioneer in innovative ideas, also offers a revolutionary product, SKYLIGHT IN – Solar Plant Grow Lamp +Solar plant grow bars

Free light of a specific wavelength for growing plants indoors, in basements, tunnels, caves, etc.

SOLAR grow lamps

More than 3000 hours / year FREE  light !!

Our special patented lamps SKYLIGHT IN –  Solar Plant Grow Lamps, offer FREE light where special light for indoor plant growing is needed.

The result is: Healthy plants with excellent flavour and aroma, with 70 % less water demand, without using insecticides.

The system operates throughout the year without using electricity because all the requirements are covered by the sun.

 SOLAR grow lamps 22

*The features of the systems are adapted to the latitude, longitude and most importantly, to the sun path chart of each region of the country.

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*The investment payback period is approximately 20 months for each system.All the above systems are covered by national patent.

*The systems are able to operate also as HYBRID, ie, when there is no sunshine  works  by using the power grid.